"Great Taste" Chinese Restaurant

This past weekend, Bonnie and I traveled to New Britian Ct., to see her mother. Her mother is in a rest home there that is highly regarded for its care of elderly people requiring nursing home facilities, especially elderly Alzheimer's patients. Due to her advanced age and Alzheimer's, the decision to admit her to this nursing home was made by her three daughters several years ago, in part because her middle daugher, who is a nurse, lives in the area, but also because of the quality of this facility and the level of care the staff provides. We have made the trip there to see our Mom quite a few times over the past few years, and we always stay at the La Quinta Inn, which is inexpensive, but clean and comfortable. Also, we always have dinner at "The Great Taste" chinese restaurant.

This place features simply the best oriental food either of us have ever had. Not only is the food remarkable in its consistency and quality, but the wonderful ambiance, and the top notch service, makes this place a winner amongst winners. Great Taste is a perennial winner of food and restuarant critics with good reason.

I typically share an appetizer of chicken wings with Bonnie, which are deep-fried seasoned-panko crusted, and juicy with a perfect crispy texture and "just right" oriental flavoring. I also enjoy the best egg-roll, dipped in their own duck sauce, I've ever had.

For the entree, I absolutely recommend the Tangerine Beef, which is perfectly prepared, oh-so tender with a scintillating belly-growling odor wafting into your very happy sense of smell while your taste buds rejoice over the flavors of spicy-citrus mingled with the beef and vegetables this dish provides. It is almost a religious experience.

Bonnie usually has the "Capitol Chicken", which is another less spicy scrumptious main dish consisting of filets of chicken breast seasoned lightly, vegetables, and peanuts, that is infused with their own sauce that leaves you very satisfied. So much so, that she orders this every time we visit the place.

The service is certainly very much part of the experience. All waiters, waitresses, and the Maitri d, are deck out in tux's and are very attentive. They are quick to notice your glass half empty, and appear in an instant to replenish your drink. They are there the minute you finish your finger foods with a warm wash cloth, they are quick to bring another pot of tea...they make you feel like you are a V.I.P., and attend to your every need before you even think about it. They even shake your hand and offer their thanks when you finally decide to leave this amazing oasis, after your meal.

They are a bit "pricey" compared to other oriental places, but not overly so. We spent $63 with tip (25%- yes the service WAS that good), which included a couple of cocktails, along with appitizers and entrees. Well worth it.

Freinds, if you find yourself in the Hartford, Ct. area, take the time to enjoy this special place. I give it my top-of-the-pile recommendation. I recommend you call ahead for reservations.


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