(written in 2010)

Someday, some gal is going to discover what an opportunity she's found. A man.... just a regular guy... He doesn't leap tall buildings in a single bound, (in fact, only climbs the easy mountain trails these days), he doesn't stop steaming out of control locomotives with a single outstretched arm, (cant do one armed pull ups anymore either), cant fly, and would likely get his feet caught up in the cape, trip, and fall on his ass..... No, this gal wont find Superman...just a regular guy. A regular guy who is comfortable being the age he is and not trying, or pretending, to be 30-something anymore. A guy who really believes all that crap our parents taught us about integrity, principles, honesty, responsibility, and accountability. Someday, some gal is going to discover a guy who has always been a rock to his loved ones...a guy who understands and believes that loyalty is more than a attribute, it is a faith. A way of life...the only way of life. A guy who taught his children that integrity, principles, honesty, and accountability are easy virtues when times are good, but absolute strengths when times are's what separates us, and sustains us. Someday, some gal is going to realize that , in spite of the blemishes, the warts, the imperfections, this is a man who will always be by her side, who will never turn his back on her, who will always and forever cherish her. Someday, some gal will see a man who believes the "entity" they share is bigger than either of them singularly. A man who doesn't want to be "joined at the hip" because he understands that we each have our own lives, but WE have that entity that can never be forsaken...or questioned. Someday, some gal is going to love this man for what he is, what he believes, and what he means to his family. She will nurture him when he needs love, she will laugh with him when he's happy, she will appreciate him because he does the same for her, and she will be thankful that she shares life with him. Someday, some gal will feel a measure of pride that she has a man in her life that takes a measure of pride in himself, his appearance, his health, and his well being, because he has a woman in his life that makes him proud to be her man. Someday, some gal is going to wake up each morning feeling special because this man appreciates her, loves her, shows her, and tells her, how much he loves her and needs her in his life. She will take great pleasure in the amount of pleasure they provide each other.... and she will make sure to end each day together with a simple " I love you." Everyday we will remember how this came to be....and fall in love all over again. Probably just a fairy tale...

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