Once More, With Feelings..........

So, I sorta let this site languish for the last few years. You know how it goes...I got busy with life's less than interesting part of the journey. First, I began a new job in management that kept me busy, on average, 60 hours a week, and most of those hours were intense. I had little motivation or desire to write after work. Secondly, I moved-twice. A sense of unsettlement, like a pall, clouded my desire to write. On the other hand, I did acquire some interesting, funny, whacky experiences over the past four years.

To start with, after our estrangement and subsequent divorce some 10 years ago, Bonnie and I kept sniffing each others ..uh...well, let me put it another way...we finally decided that after our mid life crisis, burgeoned by the fact that no one else could or would put up with either one of us, we realized that the reason for that, at least in part, was the simple fact that we were meant to be together. So we decided to join forces once again against the rat bastards...uh..I mean, we figured we might as well get married again.

Dad would be proud. He married my mom twice...the ol' apple don't fall far from the tree.

So, I accepted a position as a department manager at a local university, which offered a decent paycheck, incredible benefits, far less stress, and only 40 hours a week. This was a dream come true, so never to pass up the chance to ride the wave, I pushed my luck, wanted another dream to come true, so I asked Bonnie to marry me again.. She said yes!! I immediately moved in with her before she could change her mind. We got married that year on our original anniversary date at my sister's and bro-n-law's beautiful farm in Belfast, jumped on an airplane to Florida and went on a cruise for our honeymoon, then came home and settled in for the long haul. Interesting bit of trivia-the first time we married in 1991, we were married on my sister's and bro-n-law's beautiful farm in Ft Fairfield. Cant say we aint traditional...not our fault Deb and Steve chose to move to Belfast.

Anyway, life, in spite of this hideous pandemic and in spite of the surreal 2020 curse, has become much more settled, more comfortable, and focused. Now, she and I are planning for retirement in the next couple of years, and I am once again feeling the creative juices flowing. I have the time and energy to write once again. I am considering subject matter, of which will include some wackiness, the trademark droll humor, and slices of life that make me smile-and hopefully you readers as well. But, I want to expand, I want to write more fiction. I want to try my hand at writing a story that offers excitement, strong characterization, a clever plot with twists and turns, and periods of soul searching by the main character as he finds himself involved with a mystery that is filled with characters that have serious struggles with life. I hope to keep the trademark humor, but this novel will also feature people who reside on the dark side of life.

This may take some time, as I am still working, and such an undertaking will require a lot of research and re-writes in an attempt to get it right. Meanwhile, I will still write more little short stories from my over active imagination and memories of life so far. I hope you will tune in from time to time.

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